Figments Of My Imagination

A fuming nose and a sly frown
I came rushing down the exit
Told my head to calm down
My head spoke to the match box

I grew more prone to my wrath
As tiny bodies of water from above
Lit off my incautious blistering fire
So i looked up and saw great clouds

In thin air above this atmosphere
Figures of warriors and animals
Dissipating in a cloudy war
So as below the atmosphere

A great puffy lion came out roaring
And the wilderness ran and faded
Mountains came burying the lion
As they became darker and bigger

On my hot boiling head waters fell
In my wide open eyes waters filled
My fuming nose had no steam
My wrath hath been put to an end

The waters verily came to a halt
The air, now cold kept me cool
As the clouds began perishing
Like them i feel like a grain of salt

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