Karl Maverick’s Hi, I’m Karl album/mixtape review

A young musician stumbling, tumbling and conquering, from the streets of Rustenburg comes a very nonchalant rapper Karl Maverick now known as DI.EME. To realise a lot, is to put it all together but at some point every piece has its place and it is well connected when the difference is added to the missing picture. “…fitting in just ain’t for me i had to let it go” the first song on his debut tape explores his own sense of security and emotions to his current life experiences from lost friendships and haunting memories(being bullied), leaves one embattled on a train of thought to all the good and the bad choices he has made to please others, this was him letting go of the idea of what people thought of him and his creation, at only 16 years Karl steps up and runs from his past in Different, a song displaying a lot of resilience and pride but this is to keep the negativity away. The introduction goes deeper when he mentions “i’m still looking up the sky hoping i get answers, i’m still avoiding the devil cause i hate dancing..” in this, his faith shows strength to his spirituality and him having hope for his future.

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His second song clearifies the first one, a melodic piano starts off like a lullaby and makes it through the song with a grand piano(lowered) making an entrance at the bridge/hook. Karl embraces himself on his second song “see i been way to selfless i think it’s time that i become selfish…” I’m Doing Me is a complete sequel that completes his first song, the fact that people had wrong ideas about him because he was giving too much to what he was to them now he is letting all that go and becoming more of himself. Revitalising his own being couldn’t get much better than this, at some stages in our early lives(even older) we tend to lose control of every situation that is aroused either by an act of communication or engagement(a relationship in this instance) insecurities can rise and question your place in other people’s lives but looking through all that you have been through and stepping up to it is an act of courage and integrity which Karl has taken up to better himself in the process.

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Karl always amazes and through the storm he knew how to keep his energy alive, the song titled Flames has a lot of good energy letting all that go and interacting with a trap beat he made just to feel good. Feels is a song for his nostalgic memory a weird synth in somewhat sounds like a siren a representation of the past and mourning for lost memories with his childhood girlfriend that was always there for him, even though he lost control the girl seemed to be consistant and never did him wrong “i just wanna say i am sorry if i caused you any pain” the pain of missing the girl that loved her got him thinking that he is going insane since he cannot get over the fact that the girl is no longer there for him “i would tell you that i miss you but it ain’t the same i think it’s time that i accept that we went our separate ways” clearly the depictions of missing someome but also accepting that they are gone. “Why won’t you answer your phone? I sent you a hundred texts when you get this please call me…” Karl struggles to communicate with his current girlfriend in When You Get This filled with synths that overloop each other seemingly he never gets a reply, this leaves him wondering about his ability to love, jumping in between relationships did not really work out at this point, it’s one of those songs where you had someone you love and wanted to check up on that someone but you got nothing back, afterall we are learning in love. Anti-Social is the vain of the tape personally for me it carries a lot of fluids of the tape “nowadays i just wanna be alone” after all that you have consumed, a time to evalute and getting your mind right is what is needed a good song to ease into the moment.

The heart and soul of the tape goes to Late Nights In My Room we can finally hear strings of a guiter playing smoothly in composition with the beat and what has been said. Karl dove in and poured out all of his emotions to the song, it starts off with him describing how he is laying in his bed and starring at the ceiling asking himself a question what is life? Describing all they told him and how it does not make sense while he makes sense out this situation, in this he mentions that he is free spirited and willing to take on any journey but he doesn’t know anymore. I used to tell my mom that i hate combing my hair as i had to go to school but i was forced to comb my hair at school, mind you this was before i even knew Karl’s music and as i got to know and listen to this songs a line he said on the song “i hate combing my hair, i prefer it looking messy, but i comb when i go to school cause of my dad” our parents never understood and they would never do but long as you have one person who understands by your side all can be good. Have you ever been scared of what you are capable of and if those capabilities are going to mend your emotional wellbeing in the future? I definitely have and in this song Karl expresses this fluently “To be honest i’m quite scared i don’t know what the future holds a lot of sh*t rearrange…” at 16 Karl was scared of what the future holds for him as he is going through changes and breaking up with his girlfriend left him with another heartbreak.

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Every emotion shed in this complicated, vibrant, vibey and sad tape, a tape where 17 year old me was obsessed about all because of relation, it is never easy to be understood or accepted but it is easy to relate. WHatever is a song about living and learning, it’s a mellow song which has bleeps and clicks feels like a classic tv game in the moment of living through it all, this was him experimenting with different kinds of sounds and to me at that time he compared life to a video game with only one life remaining, where we are to tackle obstacles and learn from them. After an amazing experience comes in Trapped in my conscience an affirmation towards his career “I am the future you’re just too narrow minded to see it better believe it, i been trapped in my conscience for no reason, i just need a lil faith, something that i can believe in!” the song speaks for itself in this sense that his ambition and passion is burning in faith and creation. The last song, an outro to all the pain and joy felt through this he gives his last, Sometimes I Wonder is a sad song and he wonders if he will make it alive and worthwhile. The whole album/tape at this point is a perfectly self constructed masterpiece denoting the emotions and wellbeing of a 16 year old who produced all of the songs and wrote it all, in an essence it has saved me from a lot of complications in my high school years this album is yarning in great detail till this day since 2016.

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