An Impeding Whiff

I am the same as the land you walk uponThe same as the glass in sight awhileBlinded i am as you were so you seeFor i had joy for the bearing of a childMind leaking like the municipality pipesLeft to pile with the plastic gilded stillSo you skip the waters around themThe pulp that held … Continue reading An Impeding Whiff

Like Ice-cream

Skimming through the horizon of the world, viewing it with an inconsistent glare. The deviation’s notion is actuated by my fullness of its beauty for I have seen it all. A bit distracted I am by the colours of love, I looked for an empty canvas to flare out my sight much like the rainbows … Continue reading Like Ice-cream

Figments Of My Imagination

A fuming nose and a sly frownI came rushing down the exitTold my head to calm downMy head spoke to the match box I grew more prone to my wrathAs tiny bodies of water from aboveLit off my incautious blistering fireSo i looked up and saw great clouds In thin air above this atmosphereFigures of … Continue reading Figments Of My Imagination

Not Anymore

I’ve crumbled to the words you keep saying when you speak out of mind. Crumbled to the thoughts you keep away when you tire to speak so you sit there, I watch you breathe, for once at ease. Digesting your own illicit desires, seeing the world and those around it as conventional not much different … Continue reading Not Anymore

Dear AI, A Poem

Super intelligent dirty coded beingAbstract yet omnipresentI’ll use you whenever I pleaseA blanket of air covers meChronic particles I breathA delay to my daysYou gave us assistancesThat help us doodle & GoogleOr catch a fling & cuddleA free world on a dying worldBreast feeding our tender mindsWe soul searching beyond the lines Maybe I’ll listenListen … Continue reading Dear AI, A Poem

The Will To Love

What boils under my skin.Ever wonder how encounters are relatable yet feel obscure, your mindspiralling into what is known to what has to be explored. I can only imagine and experience as well, the past few weeks have been a heavy experiment of socialisation it’s good to pour wine into a wine glass and let … Continue reading The Will To Love

Window Seat

On its four rounded wheelsThe stuttering roaring bus,Stood impatiently in the openA door to untraveled paths. A luminous frosty misty morningPut threads that scarfs tiny necksAs preceptors readily count headsWith prolonged raring curiosity. Occupied window seatsWith chums and chantsTo the dauntingly motile bus,Steadily fuming to distant lands. The ostensible beholder … Continue reading Window Seat


Beside the sidewalkof irritable walking sentimentsfilled with anonymous desirei lay myself across, accordinglyclouded and enough i do botherto those who’s blood varies acrossand allure those who rememberthe bearings of the cold concrete that swallowed what once stoodthat once, was still yet to bleedi lay myself across, accordinglyfeet stomps with sudden … Continue reading Decomposed

Carry Me Home

I cannot stand the coldThat rattles my blood to foldPuddles of empty hopeWhere my naked feet wandersCarry me home giant woeFor I stood long enoughIn the land that has become a foeTo my dreams, they soar notAs your calamity left me apterousCarry me home giant woeBeyond the mountain horizionWhere the … Continue reading Carry Me Home

The House Of Candy

Chapter 1. Blades Of The Dark. In a small township down by the small city of Ginsberg there lies a street which houses are full of trees and beautiful garden gnomes. The morning silence sings along with its bluebirds while the breeze makes the leaves of green dance to it’s … Continue reading The House Of Candy


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