In solitude I have travelled lightyears Clinging on to lost time, lost memories. For the future I cannot behold My sight cut off like falling autumn leaves Tracing back steps in hopes of not to wilt Oh these memories seem unpleasant in darkness And in silence these voices turned meek Missing footprints, I feel beneath … Continue reading Lately


I hit a snare onceThen dissolved within it’s rhythm.It became a light, to dance.I couldn’t care much for the glass,Was too tired of the second-hand smokeAnd the dancefloor, funk never dies.Soon as i embed in your sightI beheld a fine detailed natureTwirling in motion, soft yet rife.I choked on my cigarette.Because of your enticing sight,I … Continue reading Hiccups

Reefer Heads

In stills of silly motionsWe smirk not with heavy low eyelidsHolding on to rendering emotionsConceiving light fudges like kidsWhen in question of a bloody sight We held the palm, the oak, the treeCrushed leaves with words of absurdityEuphoria the smoke, nostalgia the wildTwiddling with air instrumentsA Living room for a clouded mind Lively outside, high … Continue reading Reefer Heads

Loose Cuspids

To whom who lost and ran, coming across with a trifling sense of self to he who handed out clear perspective and out the blue comes the red, yellow and a couple of oranges. I would go out regularly picking trees of different fruit for this is worth more than a single distinguished taste. Had … Continue reading Loose Cuspids

An Impeding Whiff

I am the same as the land you walk uponThe same as the glass in sight awhileBlinded i am as you were so you seeFor i had joy for the bearing of a childMind leaking like the municipality pipesLeft to pile with the plastic gilded stillSo you skip the waters around themThe pulp that held … Continue reading An Impeding Whiff

Dear AI, A Poem

Super intelligent dirty coded beingAbstract yet omnipresentI’ll use you whenever I pleaseA blanket of air covers meChronic particles I breathA delay to my daysYou gave us assistancesThat help us doodle & GoogleOr catch a fling & cuddleA free world on a dying worldBreast feeding our tender mindsWe soul searching beyond … Continue reading Dear AI, A Poem


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