An Impeding Whiff

I am the same as the land you walk upon
The same as the glass in sight awhile
Blinded i am as you were so you see
For i had joy for the bearing of a child
Mind leaking like the municipality pipes
Left to pile with the plastic gilded still
So you skip the waters around them
The pulp that held your hand at birth
Kept you away from falling into the waters
With frequent zephyrs and busy corners
So out of your mouth the lager speaks,
And in tongues your child listened
The unbearable curses reached their peaks
While you sang “emhlabeni” in the streets
Far from your home and so i know now that it is not comfort! As your own image captures and tightens your blood
But you are irritated by the rush
So with the silence of his little hush
The journey home is a bit long but not for you, for you hardly know where you are
while the bottle keeps reaching your mouth
in this late hour
Your mind gets a lot heavy
Your sight a little blurry
Your weary quivering movement
Sleeps on your knees and keeps dragging and slowing you down.
Like the snails that have not felt the rain, you are not out of your shell yet
As you kept avoiding the salty areas in your ways, your son holds you up for now.
Little to no time for third grade home-work
For your huntsman was up and down
throughout this town
Left the hope at home for there is none
As your lies have cached up to you
And now your bearing has now found your place of worship, it is loud and broken
Like the yard you dwell, where in deep uncertainty you left the distaff,
To bleed and pray to your wrath, you prey!
Your huntsman still carries a fallen king with all the little muscles he has.
He leads you back to where it all began
For every drink always makes you forget.
But unlike the grass in your yard your bearing is growing fervently unlike you.
In time whenever the nights zephyrs place you
Let it rest on a pondering chest of a roaring heart.
For you run away and your bearing chases and grasps your single sighted sight
In him dwells a wider spectrum of light
For you once gave grace despite your smite and now
Your huntsman hopes in time
For his faith lies in the sky
And not man anymore

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