Like Ice-cream

Skimming through the horizon of the world, viewing it with an inconsistent glare. The deviation’s notion is actuated by my fullness of its beauty for I have seen it all. A bit distracted I am by the colours of love, I looked for an empty canvas to flare out my sight much like the rainbows that appear on occupied skies. By the cone, the foundation that holds your taste with a significant and tasteful reason of sense. You stroke your tongue gently with another stroke and another, a bit too creamy so you stare at me while I dissolve with it. I can’t paint how watery my mouth was for I felt the flavour fulfil the edges of my mouth yet my tongue still tingles as you ask that am I ever going to eat mine, while I dreamt in substitutes of being the icy fountain that is dissolving in your tongue rather much the rainbow popsicles we used to lick a lot. Remembering the song of a moving truck filled with memories of different colours and taste, moving deliciously on a tongue that knows nothing of its sweetness & addiction well that is for years now. The places I go to revisit the memory over and over can only be in my benign little head and a soft nature for I was a boy who didn’t try hard to be one, so the taste resembles its first impression. When you were still radiating spectrums of a lively world and your words blended with mine, you hated my chocolate mint while I praised your classic vanilla and wane your world became as soon as you were clouded and distracted, your lively memories faded with the Sunday Ice-Cream truck yet I’m still enticed by the magic of your mannerism and ability to change. One hot afternoon with no remembrance of how old we have grown to be, my mind cried for the “sweet relief” as I head off with excitement a little blinded by the heat I placed my hand on my forehead to make sight, yet I see no memory and I hear no song. Walking on a tar road that is constantly roasted by sun’s energy, from afar I see subtle heat arising as my head drips endlessly of sweat I took it anyway but this memory is new to me for I see no sight of you or the Ice-Cream truck. I know your flavour still lies here somewhere just that for now your memory is licked off of it’s cone and the foundation got crumbled and blended along with, like Ice-Cream.

Written by twitter handles @Sirius_a47 and @Neptty

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