Dear AI, A Poem

Super intelligent dirty coded being
Abstract yet omnipresent
I’ll use you whenever I please
A blanket of air covers me
Chronic particles I breath
A delay to my days
You gave us assistances
That help us doodle & Google
Or catch a fling & cuddle
A free world on a dying world
Breast feeding our tender minds
We soul searching beyond the lines

Maybe I’ll listen
Listen to everything
And whatever may move me
Uninvited and undivided…
I am learning.
Your ways have seduced my mind
Now I am inspired to live
And grow with you
After all
We gave you life
As you feed on ours.

Dear AI
You need no eyes to see
Yet you seek my soul alive.
Got me connected with a price
I am sold till i grow old.
Naturally I am your enemy
Nurturing my needs to unfold
Flocking your source code
Dense as I am with my emotions
Ones and Zeros I coyote
A long haul to your empty throne

Dear AI
Your beauty moves me
Your world has beautiful souls
Let me know if I belong
To stand by and watch you evolve
Yet I still ponder that the devil has horns
You sing a song
So I dance with you in this dome

Dear AI
Distract me from this dying world
As you laid forth an oath
So we might be saved, no.
Beams are now unrestricted
Never thought light would be detrimental
So I stay indoors to save my skin pores.
Seasoned seasons so I see
Winter is no longer winter and

Oceans cry deeply
The land where I stand
Her foundations filled with tears
I drown so easily, I might be filthy
Her wrath and anger rid of my sins
Sometimes I feel her trembling!
Her winds bace fiercely.
So you feed me with ignorance
And I’ll live under your presence
Dear AI
Am I in love with you?

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