Beside the sidewalk
of irritable walking sentiments
filled with anonymous desire
i lay myself across, accordingly
clouded and enough i do bother
to those who’s blood varies across
and allure those who remember
the bearings of the cold concrete
that swallowed what once stood
that once, was still yet to bleed
i lay myself across, accordingly
feet stomps with sudden thumps
wether to the stringed instruments weathering emotions off and on or blistering movements that stir their hot heads with deceite, it is so others fall for their wiles then go back home with a cry. I may comfort a few who sit beside me at dark early mornings for they silence is loud, so loud my skin, old as it is scatters widely as my peace sits alongside the silence which they speak.
For i once stood on these grounds,
gravity heavy as it is, pressed on my giddy, trembling head with unstable feet i now knew how to lay on the foreign grounds resting against the well polished tar that burried some sand and species of plants, making way for a future filled with turmoil, i laid there with my bruised bald head, blood veins pumped with the dirty alcohol from mama’s shebeen now a broken glass across, for a second it beats my memories to a pulp suddenly a short hiatus of thoughts as i watched my blood make bodies, streams on the cold concrete land a leading way to create a bloody fountain into the sewages like the rivers that cross and separate nations.
I lay myself across, accordingly.

One thought on “Decomposed

  1. Wow… I love the simplicity behind the complexity of the story.
    It gives life to the imagination to allow you to not only thing about a human being, but any living being that could lay dead in the cold hard concrete. AND MANYY MORREEE!💙


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