The House Of Candy

Chapter 1. Blades Of The Dark.

In a small township down by the small city of Ginsberg there lies a street which houses are full of trees and beautiful garden gnomes. The morning silence sings along with its bluebirds while the breeze makes the leaves of green dance to it’s sound, until the kids come out to play mid-afternoon where the trees make shade as the light of the sun shines on top of them. Under the shade, the kids play and play until dusk takes its toll. Parents stand out from their gates during the peak of darkness and call out they children’s names, one house with a wide range of beautiful palettes where Mrs Khumalo and her family reside she stands outside her gate and calls her two children “come kids for the night lies ahead” she shouts calmly as they run towards her, the kids get closer to her and she quickly grasps firmly on their shoulders as one child utters to his mother “Why do you keep us away from the dark mother?” Mrs Khumalo stares at him and replies “Darkness holds blades that drip with blood for it sees no anguish nor comfort, but you can’t see the blades Lesego! for they are in the hands of the dark” the boy stares at her mother in fear and confusion he swallows his saliva in discomfort, his little sister stares at him in the midst of his silence, she responds “i don’t want to play in the dark ever” Mrs Khumalo replies “Yes honey you know mommy always lights up your little precious world” the little girl stares at her mother with a smile as they enter the house and close their doors. Night creeps with its peace and the crickets aren’t loud enough to silence whatever happens behind the doors that had shut the outside world, glass breaks with spluttering words that fly across the kids bedroom, head knocks on the kids bedroom doors, the children lay awake in fear holding their blankets tight and folding in staggering fear. Mrs Khumalo always sleeps with a bloody nose it’s one thing she got used to with a couple of migraines and some gin to keep the pain away. The kids now calmly rest for the noise is no more. Across their house on the other side of the street there lies a house of Mrs Fletcher an old lady who lives alone, she lays awake in the dark and stares throughout the night witnessing the violence that rattles in front of her house through her window, she can only wonder but with no pure surprise. It’s a beautiful dawn where sounds of birds and movements of leaves soothe the pain of the night away the sun might be too early to hit in between mountains, across the leaves of trees and the windows of old houses, for the old lady rises early to water her garden of fruits and flowers she witnesses Mrs Khumalo with her spouse carrying her husband’s suitcase to the car, she can only wonder.

Chapter 2. Where The Kids Go

“Oh my garden of solace i have plucked out the weeds that invade your beauty and eat away the food of our harvest for they know not where to reside. But I know your beauty screams with danger underneath the sediments I have covered you with, where your tails spike foreign objects with sharp headed thorns and your head screams with a pleasant aroma that attract the bees that beautify your soul.” Mrs Fletcher sings a poem to her beautiful garden while she waters and plucks out weeds out of it. The calm morning passes and the shade of the afternoon calls out the children to come and play as they rush out of their homes and collide outside. The kids like to play hide and seek, by the corner of the street lies a local convenient store a good place to hide and stay for the ones who feel away since it is the least place to think of finding someone. Lesego always hides behind the concrete wall that surrounds the local store, might possibly be the reason why he always can’t be found as he lies behind the concrete wall in hiding he sees Mrs Fletcher walk in slightly he panics, his back against the wall he slides to the side away from the entrance as he witnesses Mrs Fletcher purchasing a lot of candy. “Are those for you Mam?” Lesego asks out of curiosity as Mrs Fletcher replies “A clever place to hide young man, well not all of them i keep some for those who are willing to have some” Lesego burst with excitement since he barely eats candy but loves it “oh oh uhm can I have some please” he asks politely “unfortunately i cannot give them like i am buying them for you, you know where to find me young man” Mrs Fletcher replies calmly as she walks away. Lesego runs to his friends and tells them what he saw and suddenly the kids pile up at Mrs Fletcher’s gate “Hello! Ma’am we was wondering if you could hand us some candy please!” they scream out loud as Mrs Fletcher comes out of her house and picks up all her candy, inserts them in a basket and hands them candy one by one she replies “Now now don’t tell your parents or you might get me in trouble okay” the kids are super excited as they receive the candy, they all reply “thank you Ma’am” and she gladly states “Now go along children! for the light of day is coming to an end soon” Lesego stares at the garden as he is the last to receive the candy and the children get going “Aren’t you coming along Lesego?, we still got to finish the game” his little sister calls out to him “Nah i will catch up with you guys” he replies and Mrs Fletcher stares at him with wonder in her eyes “You want to come inside don’t you!” Mrs Fletcher asks “Yes ma’am” Lesego replies as Mrs Fletcher opens the gate for him. Inside her house there are a lot of flowers and photos on the wall, photos of different people with her progressing at a very young age to her as young adult and a grown mature adult “Who is that?” Lesego points at a photo in the centre of the wall and Mrs Fletcher replies “Oh that’s my husband he passed three years ago” she puts the basket half full of candy on a small draped table as Lesego replies “that must be sad” Mrs Fletcher stares at him and replies “you can sit down and have more candy” Lesego slowly sits and grabs one candy at a time “What makes you say that it’s sad young man surely at your age all you must know is joy” Mrs Fletcher utters “Well I felt a bit sad when granny passed and I had to move here with my mom & little sister” Lesego states as chows the candy “Oh so sorry for your loss, are you feeling better now?” Mrs Fletcher empathic as she sounds she asks “Oh yes I feel a lot better mom told me that granny is always with us so I don’t have to worry” Lesego replies as he grabs another candy from the basket “That is very much true young man!” Mrs Fletcher states. Lesego looks around and sees only one electronic device in the room, an old radio player next to a photo of Mrs Fletcher with her husband and as he opens the third candy he asks “You must have really loved each other” Mrs Fletcher looks where he is staring and replies “Yes we really do love each other, see young man even though he has left, all the moments and memories i have had with him lay with me all my days. I am glad i have realised how lucky i was to have him as my lover and how i have appreciated him countless times while he was here with me, i could never hide my love for him even though i had ideas that one of us might leave this earth soon i had no idea of seeing us apart dead or alive. It is within moments of grief and hardship when you get to realise that anything that lives and explores has a limited time to enjoy the rest of it’s lifetime to whatever it has given it’s life to, so it is best to appreciate and be in the moment of it’s existence for it does not stay like that forever.” Lesego swallows his melted chocolate candy and licks it off his fingers as Mrs Fletcher utters “Wow you are really enjoying that candy” Lesego quickly raises his head and replies “mhm it’s so good” Mrs Fletcher states “Life is only good as that candy until it ends so you better enjoy it” with a smile she states as Lesego looks at how the light coming from the window has dimmed in the wall and replies as he slowly gets up “it’s already late and passed my curfew, thank you for the candy ma’am but i really have to go now” Mrs Fletcher replies “Yes yes hurry before your mom comes looking for you” Lesego rushes out the door and the gate.

Chapter 3. The House Of Candy

Lesego arrives home a little late he finds a plate of his food by the counter on top the kitchen stall he slowly grabs the plate and place it inside the fridge he hears his parents throw hush words in their bedroom as he walks by the corridor he quickly sneaks to his bedroom and locks the door. The arguments of his mother and father gets aggressive as time goes by, him laying on his bed no sleep in his eyes the candy keeps him awake so he looks outside his bedroom window and starts to wonder “What did the old lady say again?” he questions himself as he is left with the memory of how good the chocolate candy was he can’t seem to remember a single word that Mrs Fletcher uttered. The house rattles with violence and noise again, irritated he is he suppresses his hands to his ears to block the noise away and starts to wonder in his head “if only it could be peaceful like that old lady’s house if only it could be sweet and good as the candy she provided, but no it is never good here it is never peaceful here” his thoughts are out loud as he lays his head to sleep.

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