Understanding Self Exploration

Lately days feel the same. Having too much information to absorb and meeting up with different beings made me realise a lot about ourselves, i would say myself but i would be lying because in the process i would exclude how i communicated and got connected with the other person. We are beings of learning and presenting out what we are capable of and also praising what the mind of a unique individual has expressed out in any kind of form. We are flawed in so many ways that other people are and have been content with it while others have or been having a lot of insecurities about it, i figured that might be the reason we tend to sacrifice who we are to please a particular group of people or an indivual you find cool or aesthetically pleasing.

A conversation i had earlier was about comparison, we have choices in everything including people. When you are flowing in a conversation so well that it even becomes an arguement handled with fairness and care, “So you telling me that you never compared anyone while you can compare your favourite cereal to the other cereal?” i would say she is in disbelief as she asks “well yeah if humans were objects i would compare them like i do with cereal” i replied and the conversation got heated(not in a bad way though we shared laughter and amusement while it did). I did ask myself a lot of questions after the conversation, i realised that we have needs that we can’t even maintain, we have titles to live up to and a status to maintain. In this, do we find ourselves or have we reached our destiny? Well people are unique in any kind of way i wouldn’t compare an actor with a doctor, or a weedman with a street vendor or anyone with anyone, the journey of a person is to not be entitled to someone’s needs as it is a journey of self.

Having to pick up that our differences keep humans apart instead of uniting them gave me a sick feeling, never realising that the acceptance of who someone is, is in a way some sort of an elavation to one own’s mental health. We all know that we are defined by our acts and in a way some acts don’t describe us fully but rather give an idea of what the other person might be. A lot of us sacrifice bits of our personality to keep someone we find aesthetically pleasing knowing very well that we never get the same energy back, keeping true to yourself and giving the energy you have instead of giving back the energy that is given to you is an answer to everything you want even if you don’t have it yet. If you keep losing bits of yourself to maintain a relationship that keeps you from growing and exploring know that you’ll end up with missing pieces that describe the unique being you are. As much as you want good health your mental health is your first priority the wealth and knowledge also wisdom you build is in your intuition and mind like Muscle Dad stated in the famous Cartoon Network Regular Show “trust your gut”.

Relationships tend to mix up needs, we can go from taking ownership over people and having a lot of expectations for different people while this translates to holding the person captive to your own needs while the person does not owe you anything. Never mistake love for possession, never captivate someone’s freedom and mistake it at as love. I can love you and not expect anything from you i can love you just to embrace who you truly are, love is to care and love is empathy. Don’t envy it accept it. To everyone reading this you are worth it and amazing till next time stay well and don’t forget to put on your mask when going out.

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