Limiting your data usage is mostly likely impossible, here’s how to save on data cost while using more.

With all that is going on in the world, connection is needed and if you are on prepaid it can be costly. Let’s face it nobody likes to watch a youtube video with 144p/240p, consuming content has to be enjoyed along with it’s quality. Like most of us I have always been a prepaid user but with backups.

Choosing Your Network

The toughest decision to take is to choose your network provider, most give out limited great deals while others just let you spend more on data especially when you consume various content from various media sites. It’s best to consider network coverage, special offers(recharge bonuses), weekly and monthly bundles deals/prices. Checking the network coverage will let you know if the service provider is available at various locations of your choice and be sure to test the speed of the network once in that area this will let you know at what speed can you refresh, browser or download on the internet which is very important because if the Mbps/MBps is low then your browsing will be ruined and can be costly since you will be choosing to roam. Special offers are what the network provider will sell to you at a reasonable price tailored for you all because of how you recharge, so the more you recharge the most likely you might get great deals on data. Taking your time to explore the menu of the network provider is highly recommended, getting to know the cost of weekly and monthly data bundles will give you the flexibility to choose your personal best bundle.

Getting Comfortable or Uncomfortable with the data usage?

I was a huge fan of cell c back in 2012/14, it provided affordable data bundles and a good internet speed. All of those instances changed when i started using telkom and mtn frequently but eventually i had to stick to one network. When you buy a data bundle, you have to know your data usage and how long will it last you and that you can afford to replace it when it runs out. This can cause an uneasy feeling when you spend more on data be assured that this feeling tells you if you are with the right network. It’s good to get more for less avoiding all those expensive out of bundle rates that lets you pay more for less browsing and surfing.

Here’s how to save on data while using more.

You have choosen the network of your choice and now at times data is expensive and you tend to browse carefully and not open large media links or files, you missing out on your favorite subscriptions and internet activities. Keep 2 or more sim cards of telkom(not for personal use just for data use) telkom has mo’nice(*123# on their sim card) deals which give out a lot of data with affordable prices, the best way to purchase data is buying weekly data bundles(7days) you will pay less for more. The more you purchase mo’nice data it is fortunate that most likely its AI automatically list you as an afforder so the prices might change more often if you purchase the data frequently. Keeping two sim cards of telkom will help when you want to purchase data and the prices on the other sim card has soared, the other sim card will be unused and you will have more benefits like the other. Keeping an extra low cost phone is needed when you have numbers that work overtime(receiving calls, messages and so on) while your telkom sim cards are backups for data.

Saving is important so if you have been struggling on buying data or saving for data, i hope this information helps. Using more for less and saving for important things than the expensive data other networks offer. Till next time stay safe, stay healthy.

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