What Does The Future Hold For Those In Fear And Worry Due To The Ongoing Pandemic?

On the 5th of March South Africa had it’s first Covid-19 case and fear trembled amongst others while others were extremely unbothered by the news. I live in a small city called Rustenburg in the North West where mining is the biggest sector in employment and production but yet it’s a small city, with the ongoing lockdown a lot of us have been in fear and deep worry for what the future holds and what this pandemic can mean. A lot of my acquaintances are in fear and that is just human nature of course how can something so small put a halt to what people do in order to survive to actually let people do nothing in order to survive, well in an ethical way it makes sense why we can fear and worry for what the future holds.

The present moment cannot determine the future but it can always teach us to prepare for the worst even when we aren’t expecting it. A 26 year old saloon worker an acquaintance of mine fears that he might not style hair the same again and worries about his financial status and how is he going to make money to cover for his rent and groceries if the lockdown continues to be extended. What i realised is that this fear can be the greater good, a stimulus to generate more broader ways of thinking and acting towards a better life which includes mental health, financial, spiritual and physical well-being, well that is if one chooses to do something about it. One should never leave his/her field of expertise to focus on an extra activity that earns him/her extra profit instead one can actually focus on that activity while his/her field of expertise is at a halt due to a matter like this. The question is timorous! regardless of how far we’ve come in civalisation this pandemic can pave a way for new beginnings.

For many, the future is not that exciting anymore, having lost loved ones to the virus and even losing your job it’s no flaw to be weary and fearful if this happened to you or someone you know. But it is in this deep suffering that whatever you set your mind upon may grow into flowers that blossom with fresh petals or the hope will wilt like a dead flower and for a while we won’t reap anything in a dry land. It is good to seek whatever your heart wants even in the midst of trouble and a complicated time, ongoing or not this cannot stop you from what you were and are capable of.

So what does the future hold for those of us in fear and worry? Is it the ability to govern and nurture the current state of our minds or the current state of the world? Don’t forget to stay indoors and scale the depths of your personal well-being also wash your hands

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